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Surrounded by seven little islands, situated at a small hilly peninsula Primošten preserved the atmosphere and all architectonic characteristics of a mediaeval Mediterranean town. In the past Primošten was situated on the islet close to the mainland. During the Turkish invasions in 1542 the islet was protected by the walls and towers and draw bridge connected it to the mainland. When the Turks retreated, the draw bridge was replaced by the causeway and in 1564 the settlement was named Primošten after the Croatian verb primostiti (to span).

Going towards south, you will find excellent marina situated in a deep bay, protected from all the winds and surrounded by the vineyards that look like stone honey-comb. These vineyards have status of a monument of the human labor and their photograph is in the lobby of the United States Building in New York. By a very hard labor from these stone vineyards people get well known red wine Babić which will be a perfect accompaniment for the lobster - local specialty cooked in Primošten way which will definitely attract even a refined gourmet.

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Primošten, small littoral place is one of the most attractive destinations on the Adriatic coast. You will surely be delighted with its long pebble beach hidden in the pine wood, crystal clear and pure sea, as well as with the walking paths around old city walls. Beside natural beauty, Primošten has a cultural heritage.

Built on the hill it is dominated by the parish church of St.George built in 1485 and restored in 1760 close to which there is local graveyard from which a unique view spreads to the sea and the surroundings. This is also the highest point of the former island. The church of Our Lady of Compassion built in 1553 is worth mentioning as well as the little church of St.Rock's built in 1680, both of them attracting visitors’ attention.



Traditional jobs in agriculture and fishing are still the main occupation of the inhabitants but the tourism has become a tradition already because of natural characteristics of Primošten like: the unique Mediterranean atmosphere created by the closely built stone houses in numerous narrow streets, crystal clear sea, crickets singing, shady pine forests and the beaches fully equipped for pleasure and enjoyment.

On the Raduča peninsula in the thick pine forest, north from the town centre, there are hotels and beautiful pebbly beaches. The guests will find accommodation in private rooms and apartments. For those who prefer camping, there are few camp sites. The small harbor offers safety to numerous yachtsmen who sail across the Adriatic.



Various recreational possibilities like sailing courses and diving courses, numerous restaurants and pubs, souvenir shops and many cultural events during whole summer will place Primošten to the top of the tourist offer in this region.


Welcome to Primošten!