Computational Prediction of Structure and Catalytic Activity of New Organic Superacids

A Unity through Knowledge Fund project for young researchers and professionals

co-financed by the APO Ltd. Zagreb

Scientific presentations

[1]       R. Vianello: “Extremely acidic neutral organic superacids computationally predicted molecules                  awaiting experimental synthesis”

           Ruđer Bošković Institute

           Zagreb, Croatia (25 November 2008)

           Workshop on New Materials in Industry and Medicine: RTD Potential For Collaborative Projects; collaboration            between Ruđer Bošković Institute, Jožef Štefan Institute (Ljubljana, Slovenia) and the Joanneum Research              Institute (Graz, Austria)

[2]       R. Vianello: “Computational Prediction of New Extremely Acidic Superacids Awaiting Experimental              Synthesis”

           21st Croatian Meeting of Chemists and Chemical Engineers

           Trogir, Croatia (22 April 2009)

[3]       R. Vianello: “Computational Prediction of new Organic Superacids”

           National Institute of Chemistry

           Ljubljana; Slovenia (09 February 2010)

[4]      R. Vianello: “ “One Group to Rule them All” Polycyano Organic Compounds are Record Holding           Superacids”

           XVth International Workshop on Quantum Systems in Chemistry and Physics

           Magdalene College, University of Cambridge, England (01 September 2010)


[1]       R. Vianello: “With computational chemistry towards new extra-strong acids”

           Sušak High School

           Rijeka, Croatia (24 November 2008)

           Invited lecture on the occasion of 381 years of the high school and opening of a new chemistry lab in the                 school.

[2]       R. Vianello: “Design of new organic superacids by computational chemistry”

           Student Section of the Croatian Chemical Society

           Zagreb, Croatia (02 December 2008)

[3]       R. Vianello: “Computer assisted design of superacids”

           Science Festival 2009

           Rijeka, Croatia (24 April 2009)

[4]      R. Vianello: “Presentation of a successful IEF Marie Curie project proposal”

           FP7–PEOPLE Info Day at Ruđer Bošković Institute

           Zagreb, Croatia (13 April 2010)

[5]      R. Vianello: “Presentation of a successful IEF Marie Curie project proposal”

           FP7–PEOPLE Info Day at the University of Rijeka

           Rijeka, Croatia (04 May 2010)


[1]       R. Vianello, Z. B. Maksić: “Extremely Acidic Organic Molecules – Computationally Predicted
          Superacids Awaiting Experimental Synthesis”

           16th European Symposium on Organic Chemistry ESOC 2009

           Prague, Czech Republic (1216 July 2009)

[2]       R. Vianello, Z. B. Maksić: “What a difference a CN makes! Polycyano compounds are record holding             superacids”

           The 3rd Adriatic Meeting on Computational Solutions in the Life Sciences

           Primošten, Croatia (0105 September 2009)


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